Zelda back in force this month according to leaks

The tide is turning on Hyrule and a journey to the ocean, dusk and wild plains may soon be looming on Nintendo Switch…

License The Legend of Zelda has been very discreet on Nintendo Switch since the release of the remaster of Skyward Sword. For the moment, Nintendo’s hybrid console has three titles from the franchise: Breath of the Wildthe remake of Link’s Awakening and Skyward Sword HD. But while the Kyoto firm has taken care to bring most of its Wii U games to Switch, two games Zelda still missing

Fans are desperately waiting for a return from The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD and it looks like Nintendo has heard all those prayers. Indeed, according to Jeff Grubb (known for his numerous leaks) and Mike Minotti, editor-in-chief at GamesBeat, big Zelda announcements are coming very soon and these games would be part of it. It could even be that a good part of the Nintendo Direct is dedicated to the adventure license.

A month of September under the sign of the Princess of Hyrule

For the two industry players, there is no doubt: “There will be a Nintendo Direct in September, that’s 100% sure” explains Jeff Grubb in the latest episode of his podcast. Mike Minotti adds that he is “very very certain” that the two ports of the Wii U titles are on the way for this presentation. But more than that, a package of announcements related to the license would be in preparation. Grubb seems certain that this Direct will be jam-packed with information about Zelda games:

I think there’s going to be a lot of Zelda related stuff at this event, I think it’s going to be a Zelda blast for Nintendo.

If that turns out to be true, we could well be dealing with three games from the franchise during this presentation. It would not be surprising to discover the two ports of the Wii U titles as announced by Grubb and Minotti, but the next installment of the license could also make a remarkable appearance. Following Breath of the Wild still waiting to reveal a little more. It is even high time to discover its title ! For the moment, we will have to be patient, but the month of September smells good on the plains of Hyrule…

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