Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: GRID Legends is available through EA Play | Xbox One

It’s back to school for everyone this week as Xbox Game Pass welcomes its first September games. Today is a certain GRID Legends which is available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members through EA Play. It is now playable on consoles and PC.

Remember that you can always find the list of upcoming Xbox Game Pass games to be released in 2022, 2023 and 2024 in our full article.

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Download GRID Legends (Console & PC)

GRID Legends gives you thrilling and chaotic automotive action while taking you around the world. Create the motoring event of your dreams, immerse yourself in live multiplayer races, be part of the show with an immersive virtual story, and discover a world of racing as spectacular as it is sensational.

Push your opponents to the first position. Push the limits of your cars. Feel the exhilaration of speed. Push your sworn enemies to their limits on the track. Make your friends bite the dust so hard they’ll never forget!

>Download the game

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