Xavi stings PSG over the “sand yacht” controversy

Asked about the possibility of Barca using eco-friendly transport, Xavi responded favourably. The Catalan coach says he is ready to follow the decisions of his government, insisting that FC Barcelona is ” more than a club “.

The controversy linked to the words of Christophe Galtier has not finished talking. In Spain, Xavi was asked about the possibility of Barça using eco-friendly modes of transport. The Spanish technician responded positively to it, believing that was what Barcelona were for. ” more than a club “ : “We cannot live in a bubble on the margins of society. In the end, we must look out for the good of the people. We play for him. If the government or the Generality [de Catalogne] asked us to travel more sustainably, we would listen. With all the humility in the world, if we can do things to change society, we will. That’s why Barça is more than a club. We would for sure”he told the press.

As a reminder, Christophe Galtier did not apologize, but admitted that his joke was in bad taste. The French coach assured that this subject was taken very seriously by PSG.

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