With watchOS 9, all Apple Watches gain Nike watch faces

It is one of the consequences of the disappearance of the Nike collection : all watches under watchOS 9 gain the exclusive dials that were the joy and pride of owners of Apple Watch branded with the comma! The release candidate of the OS allows you to get an idea of ​​the novelty.

All of a sudden, nothing less than five additional dials and their variations can be worn on the wrist: Nike analog, Nike compact, Nike hybrid, Nike digital and Nike Rebound. The latter is fun since it evolves according to the movements (steps, jumps, wrist movements, etc.). You can also animate it with the digital crown or by touching the screen. These dials are of course accompanied by the color Volt, the characteristic electric yellow of Nike, as well as the comma of the equipment manufacturer.

The Nike Rebound dial on a stainless steel Series 4. Something unthinkable 24 hours ago!

As the Hermès collection is always there, its exclusive dials remain so for these models only, unfortunately! watchOS 9 nevertheless offers happy owners of these watches a new dial, Lucky Horse, which honors the equestrian heritage of the leather goods house in a rather humorous way.

The nag sleeps when the wrist is along the body, it comes to life when the watch is raised.
Thank you Gonzague for the captures.

Discovering the new dials of watchOS 9

Discovering the new dials of watchOS 9


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