With virtual reality, eSport also promises physical expenditure

You see the environment as it really is, but over it will come special effects“, he explains, citing in particular the virtual projectile in the form of a fireball. A game lasts only 80 seconds, because “it’s very physical“.

Both experiences are part of so-called free movement solutions, unlike experiences where the user is static and only moves virtually, a discrepancy that often leads to a feeling of nausea, called motion sickness.

One in two people can’t stand it“, specifies Mr. Donati, “this is why many VR rooms have closed“.

EVA like Hado and other solutions that are more or less simple to develop and operate are destined to become sports rather than simple attractions, want to believe their promoters who are now trying to invest in the American market.

The first teams and competitions have been set up, and both experiences intend to capitalize on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games to gain followers.

After an EVA test during a corporate event, Mathieu Lacrouts, head of the communications agency specializing in video games Hurrah, said he was surprised by a “unanimously positive feedback“.”Everyone got into the game, from the least gamers to the most competitive“, he told AFP.

Compared to the immersive games that have invested in the sports niche, such as FitXR (acquired by Meta) or the famous rhythm game Beat Saber, the real strong point of these rooms is to “offer an experience impossible to replicate at home“, encouraging players to come back to progress, he explains.

And to reach an ever wider audience, Mr. Mariotte announced that he had raised 5 million euros to develop an experience “who is not a shooter” (shooting game).

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