With Circular, Nokia launches into the rental of smartphones

Now it is possible to get a smartphone nokia without having to pay a “fortune”. With its new leasing program called Circular, the HMD subsidiary makes it possible to rent a device via a monthly subscription.

Depending on the model, monthly payments can range from 12 to 30€. After a certain period, customers will be able to permanently buy their device if they wish via a purchase option included in the contract (LOA).

And if customers wish to change their subscription or stop during the contract, their smartphone will be recovered and then reconditioned.

Encourage customers to invest in green projects

More than a simple leasing program, Circular is part of an ecological approach. Via this program, Nokia wishes to encourage users to invest in projects with an ecological aim.

During their rental contract, subscribers will receive credits (seeds) every six months that they can allocate to three associations pre-selected by the firm, namely: Ecologi, Clear Rivers and The Unconnected.

At the same time, Nokia also wants to encourage users to keep their phone as long as possible. Note that at its beginning, Circular will first launch in Germany and the UK. The availability for France is, for the moment, not known.

Source :
the FNAC Scout

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