With “Bardo”, Inarritu offers an intimate tribute to his country, Mexico

Two-time Oscar-winning Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu entered the race for the Golden Lion in Venice on Thursday with “Bardo”, an intimate tribute to his country, mixed with dreamlike visions.

Applauded during the press screening, this three-hour film which will be broadcast by Netflix, tells with dazzling images the departure of a Mexican journalist and documentary filmmaker, played by actor Daniel Giménez Cacho, who must go and collect a prize.

“This film was made like a mirror. It’s the emotional reinterpretation of a memory,” said the 59-year-old filmmaker at a press conference. The director of “Birdman”, “Babel” or “Amores Perros” returns to his country after more than 20 years, precisely to tell the absence, what it means to leave and to be a luxury immigrant.

“Mexico is a mental place for me, every country is a mental place”, continues the filmmaker. The journalist’s journey serves as a pretext for Inarritu to immerse the viewer in his memories, his fears, the past as well as the present, with its violence, its discriminations, its feminicides.

With dreamlike scenes, between dream and reality, “Bardo” invites us to enter the labyrinth of memory, with from the start of the film, the return to the womb of a child who does not wish to live in this world. . It is also a tribute to the big names in cinema who inspired him: Luis Bunuel, Federico Fellini, Alejandro Jodorowski or Roy Anderson.

“It’s not an autobiographical film,” said the director, who is presenting this film in Venice 21 years to the day after his family’s exile to Los Angeles – originally a departure “for a year”. “This film, unlike the others, I did not make it with the head but with the heart,” added Inarritu, who had not directed for seven years.


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