Will Touch ID make a comeback in 2023?

Will the iPhone 15 sign the great return of Touch ID, the fingerprint reader, in addition to Face ID? Although Apple has conducted internal tests, two well-known informants do not believe it.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman reveals Apple hasn’t completely discarded the idea to add Touch ID to their iPhones. According to him, the company has carried out several experiments aimed at reintegrating the sensor in recent years.

There have been discussions within Apple to bring Touch ID back to high-end iPhones “says Mark Gurman.

For the record, Apple began abandoning the Touch ID fingerprint reader in 2017 with the iPhone X. Instead of the fingerprint sensor, the brand relied on Face ID, a 3D facial recognition system. Subsequently, Face ID became widespread on most iPhones, with the exception of theiPhoneSE. More affordable, this model still has a Touch ID sensor.

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A Touch ID under the iPhone screen?

According to the informant, Apple has conducted several tests aimed at hide the Touch ID reader under the screen premium iPhones. Prototypes of iPhone 13 with an optical fingerprint sensor were also developed last year. Unlike other smartphone manufacturers, Apple has never placed a fingerprint reader below the touch screen of a device.

The Cupertino giant would also have considered “ embed it in the ignition button », as is the case on some iPad models, the iPad Air and the iPad mini. In this case, Touch ID had to come add to Face ID, which would remain the primary unlock method for iPhones. Apple has never considered drawing a line under Face ID, although the generalization of the mouth mask has sometimes complicated users’ lives. To overcome this problem, the brand preferred to deploy iOS updates. Since iOS 15.4, the Face ID of an iPhone is indeed able to recognize a user with their mask.

No Touch ID for iPhone 15

For Mark Gurman, he is unlikely that Touch ID will quickly return to iPhones. Like the iPhone 14s, the iPhone 15s should exclusively feature Face ID facial recognition.

“At this point, I think Face ID is set to stay and Touch ID won’t be coming back to flagship iPhones—at least not in the near future.”explains the journalist.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the famous specialist analyst, abound in the same direction. According to him, Apple rejected the idea to integrate two biometric technologies on the iPhone, at least not before 2025.

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