Why choose an aramid belt tire?

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The aramid belt is a parameter capable of making the tire even more resistant in the heaviest applications.

How do aramid belts work?

A conventional tire can be equipped with aramid belts: a simple but effective solution that guarantees better resistance to punctures. Aramid is made up of a high-density fiber used to reinforce mechanical structures in the aeronautical field, for example, or to make flame-retardant clothing. Aramid belts combine high tensile strength with lightness. To better understand these properties, just consider that an aramid belt of the same weight as a steel belt is five times stronger.

Aramid belt solutions from BKT

A first BKT solution for telehandlers in handling operations, is the AS 504, AS 504, a product that stands out for its self-cleaning properties and better grip. For trailers, the on-road and off-road solution is FLOTATION 558 which offers high load capacity and good traction.

For transport operations, BKT offers the AW 726, a trailer tire with a distinct block pattern; and ST 180, designed for both trailers and agricultural tools, offers high wear resistance.

In addition, in the industrial field, it is possible to choose three different products intended for heavy loading and unloading operations: BK-LOADER 53, particularly suitable for loaders in recycling operations; EM 937 E3 (L), designed for loaders and backhoe loaders in digging and loading applications; XL GRIP (BHL), perfect for backhoe loaders in heavy duty excavating, grading and loading applications.

Finally, in the construction sector, the aramid-belted solution offered by BKT is XL GRIP (L3), a cross-ply tire designed for loaders in heavy-load applications.

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