Why and how to change the name of your company?

Corporate name and trade name: what are the differences?

The corporate name and trade name are all distinctive signs that help define the identity of your company. They should not, however, be confused.

The corporate name

Depending on the legal form you have given to your company, the choice of the corporate name may be restricted or free.

As part of the creation of a sole proprietorship (EI) or a micro-enterprise, the corporate name must correspond to your Last name, which can be accompanied by your first name. Why ? Because the legal identity of the individual company is inseparable and strictly limited to that of its creator: the individual entrepreneur.

On the other hand, by creating a limited liability company (SARL), a one-person limited liability company (EURL) or a public limited company (SA), you give birth to a Corporation : the company created. This legal entity is distinct from your Physical personwhether you are a partner or a shareholder. You are free to choose your corporate name, using letters and numbers. If the corporate name often refers to the activity of the company, it serves above all to designate its framework and its legal structure.

Whatever the legal form of your business, Company name is required and must be declared when registering in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS).

The trade name

The trade name makes it possible to identify your company and especially the exercise of its activity on all the commercial documents that you produce: invoices, letterhead, but also business cards. It can be similar to the corporate name or be different from it in order to better describe your service offer to your customers.

the choice of a commercial name, although optional, must be declared when registering with the Trade and Companies Register (RSC).

Corporate name and trade name: why change them?

Changing the legal or commercial name of your company can respond to different issues.

Regarding the corporate name, its change may be relevant when bringing together two companiess, in order to embody the merger of the two entities.

Furthermore, if the legal name or trade name of your company is resembling or similar to that of a competitorand that the latter registered his company before yours, you may be forced to change it.

In order to avoid this type of disappointment, be aware that the website infogreffe.fr offers a directory allowing you to find out about the corporate names and trade names that have been declared to the Trade and Companies Register (RCS).

Access the infogreffe directory

Changing the corporate name and trade name: the steps to take

For sole proprietorship

As specified above, the legal name of the sole proprietorship corresponds to the name of the entrepreneur. Also, you cannot modify it.
On the other hand, you can change business name of your sole proprietorship. To do this you must complete the Cerfa No. 11678*06 and theaddress to the business formalities center (CFE) on which you depend.

Find your CFE

For a company

If you have opted for a limited liability company (SARL), a public limited company (SA), a one-person limited liability company (EURL) or any other legal form involving the constitution of a legal person, the corporate name and name commercial are the subject of mentions in the statutes of your structure. Also, to be able to change it, you must modify the statutes.

The steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Obtain agreement partners or shareholders
  2. Publish a legal announcement in an authorized newspaper in order to make public the change you are making to the articles of association of your company
  3. Complete the Cerfa No. 11682*04 and theaddress to the business formalities center (CFE) or to Registry of the Commercial Court on which you depend, accompanied by a copy of the published legal announcement.

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