While waiting for the next season of “Stranger Things”, Jamie Campbell Bower gives an update on Vecna

If you are worried about the fate of Vecna, Jamie Campbell Bower is here to reassure you! Yes, the big villain of Stranger Things took a good beating from Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and her cronies at the end of season 4, but as you might expect, he hasn’t finished deploying his slimy tentacles on the town of Hawkins!

“He’s pissed. He is literally upset. I don’t think he slipped away to lick his wounds like a pauper,” the actor said in an interview with the NME. “He’s getting his strength back and he’s there to bleed it out. Like, there you really pushed the button, like with Jason Voorhees (the masked killer of Friday 13) – and you made a big mistake. »

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And even if Jamie Campbell Bower cannot predict what awaits Vecna ​​in the fifth season which will not arrive to us before 2024, the actor has his little idea.

“I think Vecna ​​and Will (Noah Schnapp) have a connection that has not yet been explored. As a fan, I’d be interested in seeing more of that,” he suggested, while admitting that his character’s primary motivation was still revenge. “One of the things I always said to myself and wrote down when I was preparing for the role was, ‘You took everything from me, now it’s my turn to take everything from you.’

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