When the devil dons the garb of an angel!

The invitation addressed to Morocco to participate in the next Arab Summit in Algiers comes up against a series of low blows by the Algerian regime aimed at preventing the completion of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and deconstructing inter-Arab cooperation.

In normal times, it is a harmless diplomatic approach of custom in this kind of events. Except that in view of the escalation of diplomatic tensions between Rabat and Algiers, the tenants of the palace of El Mouradia hope to draw some publicity stunt tinged with hypocrisy. Be that as it may, officially, the Algerian Minister of Justice, Abderrachid Tebbi, will be dispatched to Morocco, after Saudi Arabia and Jordan, to give them, respectively, their invitation to the next Arab Summit, scheduled for Algiers, on November 1, 2022, while the Minister of the Interior will issue a similar invitation to Tunisia and Mauritania. This will be the sole mission of these emissaries of the Algerian military regime. “It is in this context that the Algerian Minister of Justice will be received in Morocco”, specifies the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad, in a firm tone, in a statement released on September 7, 2022. Without specifying, however, at what level in Morocco the Algerian minister will be received.

If Morocco resolves to take part in this Summit, which has been postponed several times, by what means will the Moroccan delegation go to Algiers, knowing that the authorities of the neighbor to the east are still prohibiting Moroccan civilian planes from flying over the Algerian sky? Isn’t this one more proof of the hypocrisy and the paradox of the Algerian power which advocates inter-Arab solidarity and cooperation?

What solidarity are the Algerian generals talking about when they “buy” the services of the Tunisian president to reserve an official welcome to the leader of the separatist movement in return for petrodollars? As for the Libyan file, Algeria openly supports the government of Tripoli in order to sow discord between the protagonists, if only to counter the initiative of Moroccan diplomacy which led to the promising agreements and compromises of Skhirat and Bouznika.

What inter-Arab solidarity?
In any case, the tireless attempts of Algiers to hide the continental influence of the Kingdom with a sieve proved fruitless. This is evidenced by the solidarity shown by the Arab Ministerial Committee in charge of dealing with Iranian interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries in the Kingdom of Morocco in the face of the interference of the Iranian regime and its ally the Lebanese Hezbollah in its internal affairs. It was in Cairo, Tuesday, September 6, 2022, on the sidelines of the 158th session of the Council of the League of Arab States at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs.

The other Arab ministerial committee in charge of action to stop Israeli measures in occupied Al-Quds hailed, on the same occasion, what it described as the constant efforts of King Mohammed VI in the defense of the city. of Al-Quds Acharif. These declarations and resolutions undermine Algiers which, moreover, was forced to make concessions in Cairo about the agenda of the next summit but also to send an official invitation to Morocco. She was forced to ignore the evocation of issues such as the reintegration of Syria into the Arab concert, the Libyan conflict, the war in Yemen, which has been going on since 2015 between the Arab coalition and Tehran by proxy. , or even the normalization of certain Arab countries with Israel.

In the end, what remains to be discussed at the next Arab summit? Almost nothing. In any case, Algeria will derive some benefit from it which it really needs: publicity for its dying diplomacy. Nothing more.

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