When Madrid’s support for Rabat is very badly received by the Algerian regime

Algiers, “uninterested party in the Sahara issue” according to the regime’s propaganda, deploys the treasures of its diplomacy to prevent Morocco from garnering more political success. But Madrid’s support for Rabat was a blow, very badly digested in the spheres of El Mouradia.

A few weeks before the meeting of the Security Council which must adopt by the end of October a new resolution on the Sahara and the mandate of Minurso, the UN interposition forces, Algeria finds itself in an unprecedented impasse. Algiers, which insists that the discussions on the Sahara must be bilateral between Morocco and the Polisario, digests very badly the Spanish rallying to Morocco. Madrid publicly announced on March 18 its support for Morocco’s autonomy plan, which it now sees as “the most serious, realistic and credible basis for the resolution of this dispute”. An announcement that shook the Algerian political landerneau, to the point that President Tebboune declared that “the head of government [Pedro Sanchez] broke everything”.

According to Barlamane.com sources, the Algerian regime has been trying for some months to push Spain, which assumes its new position as “a sovereign decision within the framework of international law”, to backtrack, to the point of conditioning any visit by the head of the Spanish executive to the country on an about-face on the question of the Sahara. In vain. Last stand: Algiers imploded at the Polisario to sever all ties with Madrid until the Spanish government “conforms to the decisions of international legality, which recognizes the Saharawi people’s right to self-determination»an element of language hammered out to the point of disgust.

The UN envoy for the Sahara, Staffan de Mistura, spoke at the end of the week in a camp of sequestered Saharawis, in particular with the so-called head of the delegation of negotiators from the Polisario Front Khatri Addouh and the representative of the separatists at the UN Omar Sidi Mohamed.

De Mistura traveled to Tindouf on a regular Air Algerie flight, instead of using a Spanish air force plane, usually offered by Madrid for three decades for travel by envoys of the secretary general of the UN for the Sahara. The reason given? “The new unacceptable position (in favor of Morocco)” from Spain who “disqualifies the country” as interlocutor in the Sahara file. In Algeria, the regime, short of ideas but determined to taunt Rabat and Madrid, says it’s Di Mistura “who refused to use the Spanish plane in protest of Madrid rallying in favor of Morocco”. The propaganda of the Algerian junta does not digest the chalice of the Rabat-Madrid rapprochement.

Despite the Algerian opposition, Rabat advocates and defends the resumption of round tables to reach a political solution to the Sahara conflict, a format rejected by Algeria (which describes itself as a simple observer!). “The Moroccan delegation recalled the constants of Morocco’s position (…) for a political solution, based exclusively on the Moroccan autonomy initiative, within the framework of national sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the kingdom.“, Pointed the Moroccan diplomacy. “She reiterated Morocco’s attachment to the political process of the round tables” in order to reach a political solution “realistic, pragmatic, sustainable and based on compromise”she added.

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