“What LeBron did, Michael Jordan couldn’t at the same age”

The debate around LeBron James and Michael Jordan seems eternal, as the two men have arguments to make. A great supporter of His Airness, however, admitted that he had no chance against the King, in a specific area. It is indeed difficult to contradict.

Who by Michael Jordan and LeBron James is the best player? This is a question to which we will never have a definitive answer, in the opinions are divided. Just recently, a former star explained that the ex-Bulls fullback is clearly ahead of the Chosen One in the GOAT debate for a specific reason. If we extend the comparison beyond the professional level, however, the Laker has a big advantage: his high school years, simply legendary.

Indeed, although MJ was a very handsome athlete as a teenager, it was nothing compared to the quadruple MVP who remains to this day the prospect with the most hype in the history of the orange ball. With his school in St. Vincent-St. Mary, he put on a fabulous show and put stars in everyone’s eyes. It wasn’t just limited to basketball, either, as former NFL player Cris Carter recounted on Colin Cowherd’s podcast. He still vividly remembers the first time he saw it in action:

LeBron much stronger high school student than Jordan according to Cris Carter

I watched LeBron play when he was 14 or 15, because a friend of mine said to me, “Chris, the next big player is here and he’s from Ohio, from Akron.” So I’ve known LeBron since he was 14. We drove all the way to his school to see him play, we had to. And it was scary to see what he already looked like at that age.

Earlier in his high school career, I was really drawn to him because he was an elite receiver in his age category in American football. I was like, “Oh my God, he gives me everything there is to see. He’s from Ohio, he’s a phenomenal basketball player, and in his spare time, he’s a catcher in American football! It’s just crazy.

Next to all these exploits, His Airness is actually a little pale, he who first struggled to break into the NCAA for example. For Carter, who is nevertheless a big fan of the latter, this is an area in which he was clearly inferior to LBJ:

Michael wasn’t good enough to go straight from high school to the NBA. He was on the same campus as my big brother. I saw Michael Jordan play when I was 15. He was amazing, but he wasn’t LeBron James.

LeBron James was a legend in high school even before becoming one later in the NBA, something that Michael Jordan never was. This is at least one fight that the Lakers winger clearly won against his rival for the GOAT!

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