what is the “Clean Energy Charging”, or clean charging, promised by Apple?

“Clean Energy Charging” is therefore a new way of recharging the iPhone on a daily basis. Apple’s objective is to limit the carbon footprint of the device by optimizing the load of the smart phone.

For this, iOS 16 will be able to trigger the charging of your iPhone when the electrical networks are supplied by renewable energy and, on the contrary, block it when the energy supply comes from polluting sources.

The initiative is original and lends itself well to Apple’s environmental objectives. The brand has launched major projects to reduce its carbon footprint and since 2020 the various premises of the American group have been carbon neutral. Apple now wants the manufacture of its products to be neutral by 2030, with the use of 100% renewable energy.

However, we do not yet know how Clean Energy Charging works, in particular whether the functionality is mandatory or can be manually deactivated in the iPhone settings to charge it in all situations.

For the time being, Clean Energy Charging will only be available for US users and there is no information indicating a rollout in other countries around the world. Its launch is expected in the coming weeks, probably with the release of a major update to iOS 16.

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