“We will have to play any other match to reverse the trend”, Vincent Rautureau

The French technician of Dadjè FC, Vincent Rautureau, during an interview, gave his impressions on the performance of Beninese clubs for the return matches in CAF competitions. He recommended strategies to be implemented by these two formations to create an authentic achievement of qualification in the second round.

Vincent Rautureau indicated that Coton FC must go back up, revengeful, he continued to have to put things back on track, pull themselves together, surpass themselves in order to be able to show an image of the meeting. “You have to take the time to build, take over the game on your own, try to move forward in order to force the opponent to defend themselves,” he underlined. Addressing the imperfections noted during past meetings, he points out a timidity, which does not reflect the image, which we usually know for this team in its quality of play.had. A lack of availability, a rush to want to go very fast and too fast. “he hammers, wondering if it is the issue that has taken precedence over the game.

Regarding the Buffles du Borgou in their performance, he said they had the opportunity to do better. He also notified that they still seek to play in midfield, seek to build. Which didn’t work against a very clever and experienced Sierra Leonean team. It will then be necessary to really organize to win.


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