Volo, the duo of brothers who will sing three evenings at Le Bijou

the essential
Accustomed to the room on the avenue de Muret, in Toulouse, the Volovitch brothers return there from this evening Wednesday until Friday, to present their 6th album.

They have trodden it many times, the Bijou stage, the Volo brothers… Normal that they come back to present their new album “17 ans Acoustique”, which covers their best titles in a “best of” way and gives a chance to those of “With his brother”, an excellent sixth album whose only fault was to come out… on March 20, 2020. “As a date, it was not ideal, recognizes Olivier, Fredo’s brother. We released it in March 2022 , but by wanting to recreate a discourse around this record that we really like but which had the worst promotion! So we called on our friend Alexis Campet and we wanted to purify the songs, a bit like when we write them We had fun recording that in the countryside…”

A throwback

It was a great opportunity to look back a little, to measure the time spent, since he had decided to stop. “Fredo is quite nostalgic and I also like to look back, to see that we have a big repertoire! About ten years ago, we had a lot of success and it’s a chance that we measure. Our place in French song? Lucky to be a part of it; afterwards, when we quote Bashung or Gainsbourg in the last album, no, but who do I think I am! In any case, we have a loyal audience – in that too, we are very lucky.”

Three evenings were needed at Le Bijou, the perfect setting for a duo formula quick to resonate in their simplest device the pretty folk chords, the texts with drawers and the bittersweet melodies of the tandem. Happily rediscovering the richness and freshness of “Dimanche”, “T’es Belle”, “C’est pas tout ça” – these funny, lucid and disarmingly sincere songs, to which no confinement can give the slightest wrinkle .

Volo in concert Wednesday 7, Thursday 8 and Friday 9 at 9:30 p.m. at Bijou (123 avenue de Muret), Toulouse. Prices from 13 to 17 €. Such. 05 61 42 08 69.

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