Video: Casablanca hosts the football world cup for two days

The Football World Cup Trophy stopped in Casablanca on Saturday as part of an international tour of 51 countries, including those participating in the World Cup, before landing in Qatar.

The World Cup trophy will be displayed in Casablanca on September 11 in the heart of the Anfapark green space, so that football aficionados can see it with their own eyes. To be able to enter the Coca-Cola Fan Zone which will be set up on this occasion, participants will be able to win their ticket in certain supermarkets.

Through this unprecedented tour of the original Solid Gold Trophy of the World Cup, Coca-Cola and its partners wish to mobilize football enthusiasts around the world and celebrate with them the most important and most anticipated sporting event, a few months before it is held.

The Trophy was accompanied by world champion David Trezeguet who won the World Cup in 1998 with France and the European Football Championship in 2000.

In a statement to the press, David Trezeguet said he was “honored to be in Morocco with the World Cup trophy. It is exceptional to bring this trophy here”.

“I know Morocco well, having visited it many times. The Moroccan people are passionate about football,” he said, wishing the Atlas Lions every success at the World Cup in Qatar.

For his part, the Managing Director of Coca-Cola Morocco, Mehdi Alami, indicated that “Morocco was able to convince FIFA and Coca-Cola to host the trophy, because the Moroccan people love football and have a team strong who managed to qualify for the World Cup.

He added that “Morocco is an important country and the company has been present in the Kingdom for more than 75 years, in order to promote unique experiences through partnerships with FIFA”.

The trophy is awarded to the winners of the World Cup, but remains the property of FIFA. It is 40cm tall and weighs over 6kg of pure 18k gold. Its surface is etched with an image of two people carrying the globe, and its current design dates back to 1974.

The World Cup trophy has had its place for more than 40 years in Zurich at the FIFA headquarters. The world champion is given a gold-plated bronze replica.

The first phase of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour organized by Coca-Cola started in May 2022 in Dubai and then traveled to 19 countries and territories, including Kenya, Cambodia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Lebanon, South Africa, Tanzania, etc. The second phase of this tour kicked off on August 19, 2022 in Zurich, Switzerland, and will visit all of the countries that qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, including Mexico, Canada, France, England, the United States of America, Australia and Japan. During 2022, the original FIFA World Cup Trophy will travel to 51 countries and territories, bringing Coca-Cola and FIFA closer to all 211 FIFA Member Associations or Federations by 2030.

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