Vernal Edge Unveiled – Xbox One Mag

A new type 2D game Metroidvania is revealed: this is the first game from the Florida studio Hello Pinguin Team. Called Vernal Edgeit promises a mix between intense combat and a platform game against a backdrop of rivalry and revenge, in an atmosphere that would appeal to all players of somewhat retro games, based on pixel art technology.

The player will evolve in the kingdom of Haricot, and will see his female avatar, Vernal, explore the floating islands ruled by a brotherhood called the Church of Aloe. Her adventures will aim to find her long-lost father, and in this she will be helped by her martial arts abilities and by an automaton called Chervillein order to discover the truth and satisfy his revenge by crossing the islands and exploring both the cities and the dungeons.

The publisher of this game, planned “soon” although released in 2020 on Steam, is none other than PID Games, aka Plug In Games. This independent game publisher created in 2012 is actually a sub-division of another French publisher, Dear Villagers, to which we owe Scourge Bringer or The Naheulbeuk dungeon: the amulet of disorderseen recently on the Game Pass.

Enjoy now the “Reveal Trailer” of this Metroidvania, which should not leave fans of the genre indifferent.

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