V Rising Delays Its First Big Content Update To 2023 – GameSpot

The essential information is that the game’s first content update will finally not be available this year but somewhere in 2023. The reason is often the same, namely that the developers first want to consolidate and improve as much as possible the basics of the moment before adding content. If it is still too early to discuss the details of this future update, Stunlock Studios promises that it will be particularly generous.

Until next year, players will of course be entitled to fixes and improvements. Starting with new options for building, customizing, and interacting with castles. Stunlock Studios also plans, without promising anything, to be able to raise them on several floors. Similarly, improvements to the domestic system are under consideration, without further details.

More concretely, a whole new biome is in preparation to expand the possibilities of exploration. This new region will stand out from the others, whether artistically or playfully, knowing that new enemies and bosses will await walkers in search of fresh blood. The design of this biome will not prevent Stunlock Studios from improving the current regions to make them richer and more satisfying to explore. “Expect new encounters, new discoveries, and new items to use“, can we read.

Stunlock Studios also intends to respond to requests for new weapons and abilities to deepen both PvE and PvP. The Greatsword is incidentally the next weapon on the list. Expanding the world means having to fill it with interesting things, including more varied enemies. But Stunlock Studios does not forget PvP, which will also benefit from all the new features in preparation. Sound, fishing and inventory are also on the list of improvements.

Players will also be happy to hear that we are considering adding controller support, and we are increasingly confident that this is something that will be possible for us. This would be a big step towards porting to consoles and other platforms, as well as better Steam Deck support.“, can we finally read.

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