USA / Football: Agreement for equal pay between the male and female selections

American soccer teams have reached agreements to bring equal pay between men’s and women’s teams, ending a years-long battle for equal pay.

The agreement, reached last May, ensures equal remuneration through identical economic conditions, including commercial revenue sharing and World Cup bonuses.

This agreement, signed in Washington following a friendly match of the American women’s team against Nigeria, will remain valid until 2028.

For the United States Secretary of Labor, Marty Walsh, this is “a message to the rest of the country that it is important that we respect our workers and the rights of our workers, and everyone should be paid equally for doing the same. work than a man.

The US women’s team beat Nigeria 2-1 on Tuesday night, in a game marked by the presence in the stands of several former players and deputies.

As a reminder, in 2016, several female players had filed a federal complaint for wage discrimination, explaining that they were paid less than male players while they generate more income for the American Federation.

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