update on Umtiti, who still does not play

Samuel Umtiti left FC Barcelona during the last transfer window, on loan, to join Lecce. But the Italian promoted to Serie A has still not seen the Frenchman at work.

In front of the press, the coach of the Italian club, Marco Baroni, revealed why Samuel Umtiti had still not set foot on the lawns of Serie A this season, despite having been on the bench four times, without coming into play: “I spoke to Samuel (Umtiti), he knows what the situation is. We are working to help him do what he has always done, and I can guarantee he is physically fine. Right now he just needs to find a better condition. (…) He has already understood the transition he will have to make to go from the football he played until yesterday with Barcelona to what awaits him in the Italian championship and more precisely in Lecce. Therefore, we are trying to find together this best condition that will allow him to play matches at his level.

Lecce has had a very timid start to the season (6 games, 3 draws, 3 losses). The 2018 world champion could help his new team, in defense, if he finds adequate physical form. Samuel Umtiti, at the end of the season, will return to Barça, where his contract runs until 2026.

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