UN urges EU to avoid return to fossil fuels

The UN on Monday urged the European Union to refrain from turning to fossil fuels in the midst of the energy crisis that has arisen in the wake of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, arguing that this desire to ” backtrack is contrary to climate interests.

With soaring energy prices threatening to hit the most vulnerable as winter approaches, some EU member states are turning to investments in infrastructure and fossil fuel supply“, observed the Acting High Commissioner, Nada Al-Nashif during her opening speech of the 51st session of the Human Rights Council.

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She also called on the EU and its members to ” consider the long-term implications of building fossil fuel infrastructure » and to accelerate the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

The post-covid recovery and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which gave way to fears linked to the gradual cessation of Russian gas deliveries, have not spared Europe, which is now facing a rise in prices. energy worlds.

In 2021, around 45% of EU natural gas imports came from Russia.

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