UN envoy calls for new political agreement to make transition a success – Agence Afrique

The UN Special Representative for Sudan, Volker Perthes, called on Tuesday before the Security Council for a new political agreement that could initiate “a new transitional period conducive to the advent of democratic governance led by civilians,” according to a statement posted on the UN website.

This head of the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan first set out to paint a picture of the situation in that country.

Welcoming the beginning of a new political dynamic, he welcomed, among other things, the return to the political scene of political actors, including nearly 20 non-governmental organizations close to the former regime, as well as the intention of the military to retire from politics. This last initiative is likely, according to him, to encourage the rise in power of the civil forces.

But Volker Perthes also deplored the political instability and the economic crisis which continue to weigh on the country. The human rights situation is not improving, he said. In this context, he denounced the excessive use of force against demonstrators, which has caused the death of 117 people since the coup ten months ago.

According to him, the “situation will continue to worsen until a solution is found to restore a credible and functional civilian government, a government that can restore authority, and sometimes the mere presence of the state in the country, thus creating the conditions for a resumption of international financial support, including debt relief”.

He called on all parties concerned to forge “a credible agreement in the eyes of the population” which is supported “in a coherent and coordinated manner by the Security Council and the international community”.

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