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What is that ?

Twitch is a live video streaming service, which like YouTube, allows anyone to create their own channel.

Viewers can watch the videos for free and can comment on them in real time, thanks to a discussion chat which is attached to each live stream. The channel host thus sees the messages and can react to them. This interactivity is praised by platform users.

How it works ?

On the creators portal you will learn everything you need to know to learn to stream on Twitch.

Namely, basic tips and more advanced tricks. The different categories covered are as follows:

  • intro to twitch,
  • go live,
  • brand and statistics,
  • build your community,
  • monetize your content,
  • music on Twitch.

In particular, you have Quick Start Guide to start a live in minutes using a mobile phone, Mac or PC.

In the following tutorial Networks Labyou will learn how to easily and quickly stream on Twitch with Twitch Studio when you are a beginner.

For what uses?

-Benjamin Vest

Teacher-researcher at the Institut d’Optique Graduate School of the University of Paris-Saclay, tells us in the following interview how he set up flipped classroom courses entirely online during confinement, and the elements that he reuses in his face-to-face lessons today.

-Lukas Rass-Masson

Professor of law and criminal sciences, also director of the European School of Law at the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole, explains to us, in the context of an article in Campus matin, why he gave courses on Twitch rather than on the traditional platforms made available by his establishment.

The academic explains that he thus started his first courses on Twitch in September 2020 so that his students, whether they are in quarantine or at home due to half-gauges, can thus attend the lessons. But that his reflection precedes the health crisis as he explains to us next. He was then looking for a tool that could allow Toulouse students to follow his courses without their mobility and as all the media had talked about Twitch, he was naturally interested in the platform as a media tool. And finally, it turned out to be quite easy to use for him, he tells us.

In addition to his courses, he explains that he also organized conferences on the platform with guests. These lives were then accessible in replay to all, students, enthusiasts or legal professionals as he explains in the video presentation of his Twitch channel.

He also explains that the use of the platform implies a change of posture for the teacher. For him, the teacher engages more on Twitch than in an amphitheater because of the proximity created with the students. He concluded, recalling that for him one thing is certain, nothing replaces face-to-face lessons despite everything.

– Stephane Diebold

Founding President of theAFFEN (French Association for Business Training and Digital Uses), questions the contribution of Twitch to pedagogy or animation for training as part of an article for FocusRH.

First of all, he explains to us that compared to the virtual classroom, the technique of live is much more interactive. Live is a real adventure for learners, he tells us, because something can always happen, which creates loyalty within the learner relationship.

He continues, explaining to us that Twitch creates a closeness between the learners and the facilitator. The exchange is less formalized than the traditional discourse of the expert. For Stéphane Diebold, the expert does not hide behind his knowledge, he is its facilitator. It is a change of posture, he continues, because it is no longer the learner who goes to the expert, but the expert who goes to the learner. He puts his knowledge at the service of the learner. Besides, what he finds interesting in the practice of Twitch is that animation creates a community around emotional contagion. This learning communion enables viewers to react more easily, because the reaction of others encourages action.

For the author, Twitch is a place of training, a learning lab which allows the animator to enter the 21st century by leaving the position of the expert. It is finally a good tool to initiate the professional transformation of trainers.

My opinion on the potential of Twitch

The Twitch platform is a great way to animate student life in a different way, well beyond the simple virtual class. It is therefore not surprising to see many higher education players using it with enthusiasm, especially since the COVID-19 epidemic, the platform serving as a catalyst for a number of innovative projects within campuses and universities.

Twitch is the undisputed master of livea new dynamic that makes it possible to extend the course experience in a less formal way, but just as effective for learning and training.

Gerald TIROT

In addition to this article, I invite you to (re)read the two articles by Alexandre Roberge on Twitch: “Twitch, the informal learning platform” (2019) and “Twitch, an educational medium?” (2018).


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