Try Star Citizen for free and play until September 15 without paying anything

CIG is offering free game time for new Star Citizen players, and a limited time trial of eight ships.

Credit: CIG

Cloud Imperium Games regularly offers try out Star Citizen for free for a limited period. baptized Free Fly, these events allow new players to try out this massively multiplayer space simulation video game for a few days, without paying the few tens of euros that the most affordable starter pack costs. For the start of the school year, the developer therefore allows you to try Star Citizen for free until September 15.

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Eight ships to try for free

Over the same period, the publisher also offers players the opportunity to test – always for free – the eight ships that have reached the quarter-finals of its Ship Showdown competition, i.e. those for which the community has voted: the Aegis Redemmer, the Crusader Mercury Star Runner, Origin 600i Explorer, Anvil Carrack, RSI Scorpius, Argo RAFT, Aegis Avenger Titan and Anvil C8X Pisces Expedition. The icing on the cake, CIG offers throughout the duration of the event a gift (a Consolidated Outland HoverQuad), for the sponsor but also for the sponsored in case of purchase of a starter pack.

Finally, the publisher takes advantage of Free Fly to offer promotions on some of its starter packs such as the Mustang Alpha Start Pack which goes to 47.63 euros instead of 52.92 euros, or the Arrow Ship Starter Pack which sees its price drop by 15% (89.96 euros instead of 105.84 euros) . This promotional offer remains valid until September 19.

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