Trapped, Hafid Derradji reveals his affinities with the Syrian regime

Known for his virulent and repetitive attacks against Morocco, the Algerian commentator of Bein Sports, Hafid Derradji, ended up revealing his true face. The latter was trapped by the Syrian activist, Maison Bayrakdar, who called him claiming to be an official of the presidential palace of the Syrian Republic.

Quickly manipulated, the latter showed naivety by revealing his political opinions without filter. Asked about the controversy that erupted between him and Al Jazeera journalist Faisal Al Kacim on the war in Syria, the journalist in the pay of the generals of the Palace of Al Mouradia did not hide his admiration for the president Syrian, Bashar Al-Assad, whom he took care to greet, while expressing his wish to see the Syrian head of state visit his country.

“We are for the return of Syria to the Arab family,” he said, while declaring himself in favor of visiting Syria.

During this telephone conversation, Hafid Derraji, did not fail to suddenly mention Morocco for no reason. The latter attacked all Moroccans, while hurling virulent criticism at the Kingdom. An exercise to which he is accustomed both in his public speeches and in his tweets.

Once the call was over, the Syrian opponent did not fail to congratulate herself on having fooled her interlocutor, who was unmasked.


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