Tony Parker inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 2023?

They were only 13 that night to enter the Hall Of Fame, and among the former NBA players, they were only two: Manu Ginobili and Tim Hardaway. The first, retired from the prosecution since 2018, was inducted in his first year of eligibility. The second had to wait much longer…

After this modest vintage, the next could be much more prestigious as was the case in 2020 and 2021. According to ESPN, two superstars should imitate Manu Ginobili, and be chosen from their first appearance in front of the jury. It is Dirk Nowitzki and of Dwyane Wade. Adversaries in the NBA Finals, they retired in 2019, and their track record and influence on their respective franchises make them obvious Hall of Famers.

The first French inducted?

Behind them, a young retiree stands out, and it is our Tony Parker national. He too hung up in 2019 after a last season at the Hornets, and he is eligible in 2023. The Frenchman has for him to have been four times NBA champion, MVP of the Finals and six times All-Stars.

ESPN recalls that the number of titles, points scored or All-Star selections do not guarantee a place in the Hall Of Fame, but TP’s record is reminiscent of that of his former teammate, Manu Ginobili. They have greatly contributed to the internationalization of the NBA, and they have also shone in the national team.

Incidentally, Tony Parker would become the first Frenchman to enter the World Basketball Hall of Fame. The French Jacky Chazalon, star of women’s basketball in the 70s, has been a finalist several times without ever entering.

Finally, former NBA stars could experience the same fate as Tim Hardaway, rewarded after very long years of waiting. We think in particular of Shawn Kemp, Marques Johnson, Michael Cooper or even Kevin Johnson. But none have Tony Parker’s track record.

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