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If you’re like many people looking for the latest Microsoft console, the Xbox Series X is currently showing in stock on Cdiscount. Hurry up there won’t be enough for everyone!

The Xbox Series X plus Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller for 649.99 euros? This is the offer of the day on Cdiscount. Released almost two years ago, Microsoft’s console is like Sony’s latest console, the PS5, hard to get. Indeed, with the pandemic, many parts are out of stock, and both consoles are almost impossible to obtain.

From time to time, several e-commerce sites like Cdiscount today display the Xbox Series X back in stock!

Get the Xbox Series X from Microsoft on the Cdiscount site

Xbox Series X is the fastest and most powerful Xbox Microsoft has ever made. This home console offers you quality gaming in 4K, but also in 8K HDR. It offers a frame rate of up to 120 frames per second. The Xbox Series X has 12 teraflops of power, associated with AMD’s Zen 2 and RDNA 2 architectures for ever more immersive universes. DirectX ray tracing offers realistic lighting, shadows and reflections for living and dynamic worlds. Audio-wise, you get 3D spatial sound that puts you at the center of the experience no matter the game. This game console supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Vision Atmos technologies, which cover 100% of the spectrum colors and deliver immersive sound. Xbox stocks are limited, hurry to order yours!

Order your Xbox Series X

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