This former coach returns to the defense of Massimiliano Allegri |

As often after a disappointing Juventus game. Giovanni Galeone publicly defends Massimiliano Allegri. This former coach is a friend of the Italian coach. he spoke to the microphones of the Gazzetta dello Sport on this subject. Discover his statements in this article.

The completed transfer window:

“If you want to blame something on Max, you have to go back to the transfer window choices first. I expected his voice to be heard more on buys and sells, but that doesn’t seem to have happened to me. Even Paredes, who was talked about as a champion, is definitely not Pirlo.”

“Let’s then move on to the present, these are the players available, net of injuries, but it is clear that what we see is not enough. Allegri should work a miracle not to exceed the Champions League group, so the 10 vaunted points may not be enough for me, but also just to qualify for next year’s Champions League by finishing in the top four of Serie A.”

The flop in the Champions League so far:

“I said it this summer and I’ll say it again today, Juventus in full, with Di Maria, Chiesa, Pogba and the other injured players, it’s a mediocre team. Without that you go even lower and you can do tricks like the one against Benfica.”

The tifosi want an improvement:

“They’re right about that. It would take the first Max seen at Juve, the one who had some amazing strokes of genius and reading about games and players. Instead, I see that the plot of games bianconeri is still the same and I don’t like it Promising start, before turning off the light, especially when it comes to managing the advantage Ok, there are no football teachers on the pitch like Barzagli or Khedira were, but Allegri has to find something, otherwise I see it badly.”


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