There was a hidden scene at the end of the Apple conference

The tradition of Marvel-like entertainment contaminated, in 2022, the Apple back-to-school keynote. Rather than a famous One More Thing popularized by Steve Jobs, Apple has hidden the teaser of its event series.

After more than an hour and a half of live which successively announced Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, the new AirPods Pro, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, Tim Cook bid farewell to the audience for his back-to-school keynote. Since the CEO of Apple no longer animates these conferences live, but through an ultra dynamic video, Apple can afford to play with the editing. And at the end of this conference, a surprise awaited us.

A teaser for season 2 of Apple’s Severance series // Source: Apple

A subway. A woman from behind, slightly profiled. The atmosphere is urban and resembles that which we saw a little earlier in the presentation video of the new AirPods Pro. But after a few seconds, this red-haired woman flashes, on an agonizing soundtrack. The glitch ends up making it disappear. Neither Apple, nor Tim Cook, nor the presentation video have commented on this disturbing scene, which has taken aback many Internet users.

And for good reason, it is a reference to the excellent series Severanceavailable on Apple TV+ SVoD service. The person we see on screen is one of the main characters in this particularly disturbing work of science fiction, where humans choose to have their brains cut out to separate their work environment from their private life. In the series, the protagonists do not know what their double is going through. And the viewer follows two realities that seem irreconcilable. Or almost: the borderline cases are all the salt of the plot.

For those who have reached the end of the series, the scene is inevitably intriguing and one wonders what Helly is doing here, in this enigmatic virtual form. In any case, season 2 seems to be approaching!

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