The very poor carbon footprint of Lionel Messi’s jet

September 2, 2022 at 6:15 PM by Leo Faussemagne

The jet that Lionel Messi uses has flown a lot in recent months, but it wasn’t necessarily, with the Parisian player on board.

This is the new trend that is embarrassing billionaires and celebrities across the planet. That which consists in exploiting public data, linked to the use of private jets to calculate their carbon footprint, in hopes of banning, or at least limiting, the movements of these planes. This type of gear being especially intended for the richest of this world, the list of pinned celebrities is already well filled. This week, it is not a singer or a big boss who is singled out, but one of the best sportsmen on the planet, PSG player Lionel Messi.

The colossal carbon footprint of the PSG striker’s private jet

This Thursday, the Twitter account, @LaviondeBernard, which tracks the private flights of stars, published the data of the PSG striker’s jet. Over a period of three months (June-July-August 2022), Lionel Messi’s private plane displays the average consumption of a French person, over 150 years. Indeed, it would have emitted 1,502 tonnes of CO2 for a total of 52 trips and 368 flight hours. The apparatus of the sevenfold Ballon d’Or traveled through Europe, North and South America, where his native country, Argentina, is located.

Lionel Messi is not the owner of this plane

Except that with one detail, this private jet does not belong to La Pulga, but to a company that operates it. Despite the number 10 of the former Barcelona on the tail of the plane, Lionel is not the owner although he often uses it. In addition, the captain of Argentina was not all the time on board the device for the 52 flights recorded over the last quarter. Several trips could not be made by him, when the player was in Paris. At the beginning of August, Messi had also lent his private jet to his good friend Luis Suarez, so that the latter could go to Uruguay and join Nacional Montevideo, his training club.

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