The United States has bought Moroccan fruits and vegetables “aggressively” this year

The United States has become in recent months one of the largest buyers of Moroccan agricultural products, according to a player in the national agricultural market. While the European Union is Morocco’s leading customer in fruit and vegetables, the United States is beginning to nibbling shares.

“The United States is becoming a very important market”said Stéphanie De Wit, a South African entrepreneur based in Marrakech, whose products are exported to the United States, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.

The owner of an agricultural production unit which is responsible for producing fruit and vegetables and exporting them, indicated to the Murcia site that the United States is beginning to take on volume, in terms of purchase. She affirms that on this ground, Morocco is not in competition with Spain, and added that the United States had a very important purchasing strategy this year from Morocco.

“This year, the United States has been buying aggressively from Morocco”said the entrepreneur, head of her “100% Moroccan” company, specializing in niche products.

She believes that Morocco’s geographical location is one of its main assets. “We work in both the northern and southern hemispheres, which allows us to offer a supply of fresh produce all year round.”

Besides, the kingdom also has a climatic advantage which allows it to have sunshine throughout the year. “We have a climate advantage”said Stéphanie De Wit who continued that the cost of labor is also more competitive.

“Morocco can offer a good quality product and logistically we are very well positioned to reach the rest of the world and the market. However, it must be kept in mind that we bear an increase in costs. Transport, packaging and fertilizers/chemicals increased very significantly“, she nuanced.

Regarding the products of her company, she indicated that she focuses on niche products to differentiate herself from the competition.

“We focus on niche products in order to be different from the rest. We work in particular on pomegranates, peppers, melons, berries and organic citrus fruits, then on conventional citrus fruits »she confided to the Iberian media Murcia.

Stéphanie De Wit thus estimated that organic citrus fruits grown in Morocco have a very bright future, stressing that for the moment it is still a new phase. “It takes time to gain the trust of customers and the demand is lower, so it is more difficult logistically” she pointed out.

Regarding the Asian market, the farmer indicates that “Asia has room for supply and development. Although the distance is a challenge, it is definitely the market of the future that we will focus on”as part of its activities.

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