The Ultras of MAS above the lot before the 2 matches of this Sunday

At the Ultras du MAS the event of the day!

More than the matches, it is the MAS supporters who will have marked the first day ending this Sunday. If the match was monotonous, the MAS Ultras caused a sensation thanks to their patriotic tifo.
Animation but above all a Tifo masterfully expressive and very buoyant were the highlight of the show. A tifo of nationalist scope which recalls the attachment of an entire people to its provinces of the Sahara.

The message got through. The message was well publicized. The message reminds that Moroccans are determined to go all the way to defend their territorial integrity and national sovereignty.

Saturday matches

Saturday the two matches on the program of the 1st day of the Botola Pro D1 ended with the victory of the JSS received by the IRT in Mohammedia and a draw between the MAS and the MAT which regains its place among the elite of Botola.

A first assessment

6 matches were played between Friday and Saturday which recorded 4 wins including 3 away and 2 draws. 6 goals were scored which makes an average of one goal per match.
This Sunday the last 2 matches of the first day are on the program: OCK-SCCM and RCA-OCS.


Lakhdar (82nd)

Louadni (45th) and Hassouni (51st)

Borges (17th)

Khedimi (3rd)

Essahd (47th)

The Sunday matches:

  • 7:00 p.m.: OCK-SCCM
  • 9:30 p.m.: RCA-OCS


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