the ultimate screen to avoid back pain

This LG UltraFine (not yet marketed) is equipped with a foot and a webcam that work together to always stay at the right height.

Last March, LG introduced a full range of four screens designed specifically for teleworking, the UltraFine Oled Pro range. During the’IFA 2022, a newcomer was available for testing. Its nickname: LG Ultrafine Display Ergo AI (32UQ890).

Usually, when we talk to you about a screen, we generally start with its panel. It’s not the star here, even if it’s a beautiful 32-inch 4K IPS LCD which shouldn’t be unpleasant for typing the accounts for the quarter from the comfort of your office. No, the star here is its automatic removable foot system.

A webcam like no other, what a foot

Note that the model we saw was not a finished version, but a test model on display. So we couldn’t launch apps on a PC connected to it to see how it would react.

The idea for this webcam stand set is so simple that you wonder why you don’t see it so often. A webcam located at the top of the screen will constantly follow your gaze and the foot will adapt accordingly in order to keep your eyes at the ideal height, namely approximately on the upper third of the screen. What to avoid future back pain.

In addition, the foot can elevate and turn at will, allowing it to follow you in many situations. For example, I completely slouched to see what it would look like in a somewhat long gaming session. The screen therefore rose completely before turning its face towards me. On the other hand, it still reaches its limits when we elevate ourselves a little. In this case, I tended to lose it completely.

Unfortunately, at this stage, LG did not wish to communicate a price. This screen should arrive on the market around the end of 2022 or even the beginning of 2023.

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