“The Tiger and the President”, Ile-de-France Region film

At the cinema from this September 7, 2022, an aided film which makes the stunned and forgotten President of the Republic Paul Deschanel a magnificent loser. With Jacques Gamblin and André Dussolier as Clemenceau.

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Released in theaters this September 7, 2022, The Tiger and the President is a film benefiting from the support of the Region.

The action takes place in 1920, in the heart of the Roaring Twenties.

Georges Clemenceau (André Dussolier) has just lost the presidential election to the unknown Paul Deschanel (Jacques Gamblin), an idealist who wants to change the country. It is then that, one evening, the latter falls from a train and vanishes. In the early morning, France is looking for its president. A golden opportunity for Tiger Clemenceau…

A film with real and imagined elements

Signed Jean-Marc Peyrefitte, this feature film is inspired by real events while leaving the freedom to imagine certain elements. An assumed approach “in the great tradition of the ‘historical novel'”, announced at the opening of the film.

Passionate about history, Jean-Marc Peyrefitte, for whom this is his first film, admits having wanted to take an interest in the person of Deschanel in a magnificent loser. “I wanted to confront this evanescent, elusive being, ahead of his time and a little fragile, with Clemenceau, a virile and strong man, who himself marked history”, he adds.

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