The surprise team keeping a close eye on Russell Westbrook’s situation!

Everything suggests that Russell Westbrook will leave the Lakers in the coming weeks, while Rob Pelinka continues to probe the various interested franchises. The Pacers have been mentioned, as has the Jazz, but another team could join the party between now and training camp. A situation not to be overlooked for Brodie.

Via the arrival of Patrick Beverley, the Lakers confirmed that the franchise was not necessarily satisfied with their performance at the point guard for some time. The former Wolves player will bring a certain character on the floor, as well as defense. On paper, he even has the ideal profile to win, to the point that some already see him becoming the starting player in position 1.

That would be a hell of a blow to Russell Westbrook, which is still considered undesirable to this day. That does not mean that he will necessarily leave the ship, but the Lakers could decide to dismiss him during the season, if a trade is not found before the recovery. Knowing that the Pourpre et Or will return to the courts on September 27, this leaves Pelinka a few more weeks to find a buyer.

Heading East for Russell Westbrook?

It is not an impossible mission, at least if the GM decides to associate the player with two first draft rounds. Otherwise ? It’s more complicated, knowing that Russ receives emoluments that approach 50 million dollars. The Jazz have been cited to recover it, as have the Pacers, who could release Buddy Hield and Myles Turner in exchange. Nevertheless, according to Ian Begley, the Knicks are also in on it.

“The Knicks always have the opportunity to change their roster before the start of training camp. Russell Westbrook’s situation is worth watching. »

Knowing that the Knicks recruited Jalen Brunson this season, with a contract exceeding 100 million dollars, is recruiting Westbrook a good solution? Nothing should be ruled out for New York, which could take the opportunity to recover two first rounds of the draft. Let’s also not forget that Los Angeles interested in a Knicks player for some time.

The Lakers don’t even want Randle or Evan

Russell Westbrook at the Knicks? Even if that happens, the leader will probably be cut in the process. The idea remains interesting for the franchise, in order to stock up on picks for the future, and recruit another star in the NBA. Everything is possible in the next few weeks.

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