The Steam Deck conquers Asia – VALVe, Steam Deck – News

The Steam Deck is doing well, thanks for it. Valve’s bike continues to squat the top of Steam sales (remember that it’s classified by turnover, not by number of copies) and Valve having accelerated production, all those who order now will receive their bike before the end of the year.

The console will be launched soon in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Honk Kong in partnership with Komodo. Just to convince our Asian friends, Valve has created a mini-book translated into English, Japanese, Korean and Cantonese which explains what Steam is and the philosophy behind the Deck. Valve will also be present at the TGS which starts tomorrow and built a giant Steam Deck for the occasion. Valve also introduced the Steam Pal which was the original Deck name and is now console mascot. The constructor also presented a series of playable prototypes dating back to mid-2019.

For those who have problems with their bike, the repair centers are now open and will take care of it for free provided it is under warranty. Valve has also confirmed that there will be new versions of the Steam Deck which does not mean much. But we can assume that there will be minor revisions in the short term (OLED screen, reduced size…) and major revisions in the long term (a new APU based on Zen 4 and RDNA 3). But it was obvious that in front of the success of the beast, Valve was not going to stop there.

If you struggle to install emulators, Kwyxz from the podcast After Hate published on GitHub tout a series of scripts to make your life easier. Personally, I played Yakuza: Like A Dragon on it from start to finish, around 50 hours, without encountering the slightest glitch and without having to configure anything.

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