The return of the wig

The wig had its last great hour of glory in the 1960s and 1970s. “At that time, it was worn like a hat and bought in department stores. The fashion for natural hair put an end to it in the 1980s, giving way to medical products,” says the hairdresser. Christophe-Nicolas Biot . A fashion that the latter now wishes to relaunch. This summer, he is inaugurating his Hair Cabin with a collection of 80 ultra-stylish and stunningly natural models.

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“With the return of glamorous hairstyles and the need to stand out on the networks, there are all the ingredients for the trend to take off again,” explains the maestro. The influencers (Nabilla, Manon Tanti…) and the tops (Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski…) have already seized it. Full wigs, bangs, ponytails, toppers (half heads to add volume to fine hair), extensions… it’s the one who will post the most explosive look, going from brown to platinum, from short long, from smooth to curly. The transformation is risk-free and the total illusion if you invest in a quality model, then recut on the customer’s head.

What’s next after this ad

Christophe-Nicolas Biot’s Hair Cabin, 52, rue Saint-André-des-Arts, Paris VIe.
Raphaël hairstyle and wigs, 4, rue Houdon, Paris XVIIIe.

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