The project will contribute to the emergence of an integrated North-West African zone

‚ÄúThis large-scale project will contribute to the emergence of an integrated North-West African zone, to the acceleration of West Africa’s access to energy and also the acceleration of projects for electrification for the benefit of the populations”, explains Benkhadra, during a panel under the theme “a new vision to accelerate production and investment in a context of energy transition”, within the framework of the second edition of the Conference of countries members of the “MSGBC Oil, Gas & Power” sedimentary basin, organized by Energy Capital & Power (Ecp).

Benkhadra specified that “the Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline also aims to create a competitive regional electricity market, the exploitation of clean energy, the contribution to the industrial and economic development of all the countries crossed through the development several sectors such as agriculture, industry, mining, flaring reduction, as well as the export of gas to Europe”.

In the same vein, Benkhadra affirmed that this megaproject, which crosses 13 countries on the Atlantic coast and will include 3 landlocked countries, will have a direct positive impact on more than 340 million inhabitants, noting that all the countries crossed will be integrated in the study and development of this project.

One of the purposes of this continental project for the Director General of ONHYM lies in the strengthening of a model of sustainable development, with renewable energies and gas, noting that this continent has immense potential in renewable energies. and gas that remains untapped.

“Resources are available and diversified and renewable energies offer real prospects for low-carbon electricity development”, she argued, noting that it is essential to facilitate the financing of infrastructure and the development of win-win partnerships. .


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