The price of the Samsung Odyssey G7 curved PC Gamer screen is on sale on Cdiscount

For gamers, the screen is an important component of a computer. The power of the PC must be able to be seen through the screen by the quality of the transcribed image to make the most of a gaming moment. The Samsung Odyssey G7 Curved PC Gamer screen is available on sale at €579.99 instead of €749.99 on the Cdiscount site, i.e. a reduction of 170 €.

A high-end gaming monitor

The Samsung Odyssey G7 screen in the 32-inch version is an excellent product for gamers, it offers excellent performance and high-end services. It has an excellent response time (1ms). The large size of the screen, the curvature of 1000R and the WQHD (2560 x 1440) which transcribes a precise image, reinforce the feeling of immersion. This device stands out from the competition with its HDR 600 certification which offers an amazing HDR experience. The QLED panel adds a contrast of 2500:1 and good color rendering. The reduction of motion blur is very appreciable, Samsung has a lot of experience when it comes to VA panels. The design of the screen is focused on gaming, two LEDs are positioned on the front and the color control is done from the OSD menu.

The positives of the Samsung Odyssey G7

It is a screen that adapts to many types of games, the quality of the image rendering is there for the beautiful graphics. The QLED panel improves color rendering for games that do not benefit from HDR. The Odyssey G7 display offers very good performance for Battle Royale, FPS and other fast-paced games. This PC monitor is excellent for demanding gamers looking for the best display. The highlights of the Samsung Odyssey G7:

  • Its responsiveness
  • The VA Quad HD 240 Hz panel
  • A well-calibrated image by default
  • Finishes
  • Contrasts
  • FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility
  • Neat ergonomics


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