The platform now checks comments before publishing them

The series “The Rings of Power”, announced with great fanfare as the prequel to “Lord of the Rings”, was released on September 2 on Amazon Prime Video. On this occasion, comments are also monitored. The platform introduced a new device this summer consisting of giving itself a three-day period to sort comments in order to avoid negative and hateful, sometimes racist and misogynistic messages.

This deadline was quietly put in place on August 12 with the release of the “A League of Their Own” series. A representative for the broadcaster confirmed with Variety that Amazon did indeed decide to use this security tool between a viewer submitting a review and going live. Each review is evaluated to determine if it is authentic or if it is a comment created by a robot or a malicious Internet user. Among the major review sites, Rotten Tomatoes has a score of 84% for professional reviews, and only 39% for public reviews, notes Variety.

Even before its broadcast, the series was the subject of criticism: racist comments targeted black actors and casting choices. The Amazon-produced series cost him $465 million. The new system of delay before diffusion makes that no comment is diffused since Friday on the platform. At the moment, Amazon Prime Video only shares the rating from IMDb, a database dedicated to cinema, which it owns.

This practice also raises questions about the rights that the platform gives itself to keep positive comments above all. With regard to unconditional or simply curious fans, Amazon has still won its bet since the series has exceeded all records: it has achieved the best launch in its history with already 25 million viewers.

Amazon will air one episode per week every Friday. Amazon in form It should be noted that on July 28, 2022, Amazon presented its results for the second quarter of 2022. Over this period, the platform announced that it generated more revenue than expected and saw its turnover as well as the value of its shares jump from the previous quarter.

The American e-commerce giant saw its turnover increase by 7% between April and June 2021 compared to the first quarter of 2022, rising to 121 million dollars. Its stock is also up more than 10% after the NASDAQ close.


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