the paintball game passes a third layer

One of Nintendo’s most recent creations confirms its success, with a splashing third installment on Switch.

Rather conservative, the Japanese giant had surprised its world with the release of the first Splatoon on Wii U in May 2015. In an ultra colorful atmosphere, this third-person shooter ruled out any problem of violence in a radical way: here, the bullets are full of paint. The main characters are Inklings, hybrid beings that can take on a human form during combat or that of a squid to dive into the paint and move faster. Essentially multiplayer oriented with two teams of four players, Splatoon consists of a Territory War (with some variations), where the winner is the one with the most paint on the ground.

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Fresh paint ?

The Wii U was not necessarily the ideal console for this novelty to meet its audience (the machine was a flop), but its sequel on Switch radically changed the situation in July 2017. The little Inklings took their real flight there , despite a scent of suite in the form of Deluxe versionlike many games from the poor Wii U. With Splatoon 3of which the recent beta test phase attested to its popularity, the formula continues to evolve without revolution. The story mode, clever, allows you to become familiar with the principles of the game, but also with new gameplay. In addition to the highly anticipated weapons such as the Eclatana (a Japanese sword) or the Piercer (a bow), two types of movements (the Spin and the Squid Breaker) expand the possibilities.


The big piece remains the multiplayer, with eight new cards out of the 12 offered. As for the variety of modes, we remain in known territory with various possibilities, including the famous asymmetrical combats. Ditto on the cooperation side, with the Salmon Run mode which always offers waves of Salmonoids to knock out, up to four players. In contrast, Splatoon 3 emphasizes customization, with customizable Inklings and passive bonuses on the battlefield. Riding on the success of its predecessors with few but effective additions, Splatoon 3 offers a nice refill of ink to its virtual squids.


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