The opposition calls for the publication of an investigation into the President

Johannesburg – Several opposition political parties and South African NGOs staged a sit-in in Pretoria on Friday to demand the release of the findings of the investigation by the Ombudsman of the Republic into the criminal charges. brought against President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“The purpose of the sit-in is to raise public awareness about this case and to put pressure on the Interim Mediator of the Republic, to publish the report with immediate effect,” said the vice-president of the Movement party. United Democratic Party (UDM), Nqabayomzi Kwankwa.

He added that the laws of the country stipulate that this institution is obliged to publish the reports of its investigations within 30 days, noting that almost 90 days have already passed without the report being made public.

According to a complaint filed by former South African intelligence chief Arthur Fraser, burglars broke into a private property of the head of state in February 2020, where they found millions of dollars in cash.

The complaint accuses Mr Ramaphosa of concealing the burglary from the police and the money from the tax authorities, arranging the kidnapping and questioning of the thieves, then bribing them to remain silent.

For his part, the spokesperson of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, Sinawo Tambo, pointed out that the acting Ombudsman of the Republic, Gcaleka Kholeka, broke the laws of this national institution.

‚ÄúThere is no justifiable reason why she has not yet released the report. This means she is deliberately dragging. Opposition parties will not hesitate to take legal action to ensure the Ombudsman publishes the document”, he noted.

President Ramaphosa is facing increased pressure from the opposition to respond to criminal allegations against him. Parliament has thus announced that the Head of State will return to the National Assembly at the end of September, to answer questions from deputies.

The last session in the National Assembly, held two weeks ago in the presence of the head of state, was marked by long disturbances after opposition parties accused him of evading questions on the Phala Phala affair.

Last August, the National Assembly announced that it had approved a request for an investigation into allegations that Mr Ramaphosa breached the Prevention of Organized Crime Act by covering up the burglary at his farm in Limpopo province. (northeast).

The opposition parties have thus proposed 17 profiles for the Independent Parliamentary Commission which will be responsible for investigating this affair, as they announced their decision to table a motion of censure in Parliament against the President.


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