The number of cases on the rise in France

In France, the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 contamination was up for the third day in a row, this Friday.

According to figures published by Public Health France, this Friday, 19,087 new contaminations were identified in 24 hours, approximately 2,800 more than the previous Friday (16,399 confirmed cases). This is an increase of about 17% in the space of a week.

The number of cases recorded had fallen between mid-July and mid-August, signaling the end of the seventh wave of Covid-19 in France.

The rolling average of daily cases has also increased for the past seven days, standing at 16,850 cases, and describing an increase of 2%.

In a statement sent this Friday to the press and consulted by the Anadolu Agency, Santé Publique France stresses that “it is essential to increase the vaccination effort in view of the vaccination coverage which remains insufficient, in particular that of the second booster dose in the elderly”.

The National Public Health Agency specifies that on September 5, “only 33.3% of 60-79 year olds and 46.8% of 80 and over, among those eligible (according to the time since their last injection) , had received this second booster dose, i.e. the fourth dose of vaccination.


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