“The New Toy”, with Jamel Debbouze is revealed in a trailer

CINEMA – Four years after “Alad’2”, his last appearance in the cinema, Jamel Debbouze will make its return to dark rooms in The New Toya comedy directed by James Huth Brice of Nice) whose trailer was unveiled this Friday, September 2 and which you can discover at the top of this article.

In this film which will be released in theaters on October 19, the comedian embodies Sami, a night guard, whose destiny will be turned upside down by little Alexandre, son of the richest man in France. A child king whose father embodied by Daniel Auteuil cannot refuse anything, not even the whim of choosing a night watchman as a “toy”. Against the tidy sum of 2000€ per day, Sami then agrees to comply with the demands of this particularly authoritarian child.

A remake of “Toy”

If the pitch of the film sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s directly inspired by the Toycomedy released in 1976. At the time, the child king was named Éric and set his sights on an unemployed journalist, played on screen by Pierre Richard, as you can review below. Michel Bouquet embodies the father of this billionaire’s child.

It was the very first movie directed by Francis Veberto whom we owe in particular The dinner of fools released in 1998. The toy had been nominated in three categories for the Césars in 1977: best original screenplay, best sets and best cinematography. An American remake, The Toyhas since been released in 1982, directed by Richard Donner.

Jamel Debouzze signs a busy comeback. In addition to being featured in New Toythe comedian behind the Jamel Comedy Club and the Marrakesh of laughter will also appear in honorary citizen by Mohammad Hamidi. This film, which will be released in cinemas on September 14, will tell the story of a Nobel Prize winner in literature who decides to return to his native village in Algeria 40 years after having left it.

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