The Nets chasing a big Lakers target!

Despite a certain downgrade in the minds of observers in recent months, the Nets and Lakers still hope to play for the title next year. Moreover, Brooklyn would like to strengthen itself in this perspective… by stealing a star tracked by LA!

Both franchises will certainly emerge from the summer as the two biggest entertainers of the offseason, but will have made the news in much different ways. While the Lakers try to restructure their roster with trades, the Nets have avoided two major ones, namely those of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. This ultimate case even involved the two teams for a long time.

Seduced by the possible recruitment of Kyrie, the Angelinos have been looking for long weeks for a way to do business with their rivals from Brooklyn. All this ultimately proved to be in vain, since the star leader should start the new season well under the colors of New York. From now on, it is also its leaders who would like to play a bad trick on LA

After the Lakers, the Nets also on the track Myles Turner?

The Lakers have been negotiating with Indiana for some time now around a potential deal. This would notably see Russell Westbrook join the Pacers, while Buddy Hield and/or Myles Turner would do the opposite. However, in the last episode of The Athletic NBA Showthe insider Kristian Winfield indicates that the Nets would also consider getting their hands on the pivot!

In my opinion, either we’re going to see Nic Claxton start the games, or the Nets are going to use their mid-level exception or get another pivot through a trade. And I’m pretty sure they’re still trying to set up a trade for a pivot. I’m just not sure which one. I heard about Myles Turner, but I imagine we’ll soon find out if they can get him back or not.

Reinforcing position 5 indeed seems to be one of the priorities of Sean Marks and his assistants before the start of the season. Only youngsters Nic Claxton and Day’Ron Sharpe currently appear as alternatives for this role in the Brooklyn workforce, which constitutes a rather poor rotation for a title contender. The arrival of Myles Turner would therefore represent a big blow.

However, to meet the requirements of the Pacers, it will necessarily be necessary for them to obtain one, or even several first-round picks. Problem: the Nets only have full rights to their 2029 pick. Therefore, it seems difficult for them to get along with their Indianapolis counterparts. As Winsfield affirms, the next few days will indeed make it possible to see more clearly in this file!

Coveted for a long time by the Lakers, Myles Turner would now also be on the Nets’ radar. It now remains to be seen which of the two teams will manage to put together a sufficiently attractive package to seduce Indiana!

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