The necessary sacrifice of the Lakers in the soap opera Russell Westbrook!

With the arrival of Patrick Beverley in the Lakers roster, it seems clear that the franchise is ready to turn the page on Russell Westbrook. This remains a very complex mission for Rob Pelinka, who has yet to find a good trade in the market. It’s possible according to insiders, but not without dropping several draft rounds and making a big sacrifice.

The Lakers season will now resume in a few weeks, starting September 27 with training camp. We also know that LeBron James likes to bring his teammates together several days before, in order to create a bond between everyone. The question everyone is asking today? Is Russell Westbrook will be part of it? No one has the answer, not even Rob Pelinka, the GM.

Russell Westbrook traded on one condition?

What is certain, however, is that the Angelinos are looking for a way out. The Jazz is now mentioned, since the franchise begins a long process of reconstruction. If Danny Ainge can salvage multiple draft picks from the lot, he’ll welcome Westbrook with open arms to Salt Lake City. Still, Pelinka has to be ready to do what it takes, which is tantamount to dropping his first two rounds of draft picks according to Dan Woike of the LA Times.

In conversations with executives, the price of moving Russell Westbrook seems very clear. It will take at least a first draft round, as well as an additional second round to hope for rotation players in exchange. This deal could vary depending on the draft picks, or the contracts that will go to the Lakers in return for Westbrook.

Jazz ? This is the first franchise that comes out on top with Mike Conley, Jordan Clarkson and finally Bojan Bogdanovic all on the start. Whether the Lakers are ready to give in remains to be seen, as Ainge is not known to be soft on negotiations. However, some Internet users offer other solutions for the Angelinos:

Or just bring Westbrook back and keep those two picks. We can always trade it at the deadline. If he does anything, send him home. Beverley and Nunn will take care of the lead.

It is clear that the Lakers want to trade Russell Westbrook, but do we have to be ready for anything to achieve this goal? Maybe not. If the asking price is too high, keeping Brodie and hoping to see him shine might not be the worst idea in the world. This is in any case the scenario desired by the new coach, Darvin Ham.

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