the musical selection of “World Africa” #118

Each Wednesday, The World Africa presents three new musical releases from or inspired by the continent. This week, honor to Congolese rhythms with percussionist Huguette Tolinga, the French sextet Kolinga and the duo Montparnasse Musique.

“Amani Bomb”, by Huguette Tolinga

Originally from Boende, in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Huguette Tolinga, 34, is one of the few female percussionists in a country where this practice is generally reserved for men. Thursday 1er September, she released a first single under her name, Amani Bomb (“amani” meaning “peace” in Swahili), but the singer and multi-instrumentalist has been making a name for herself for many years now in various formations – notably the group Huguembo, which she founded – in Kinshasa and on European stages. His song, between sweetness and trance, is the subject of two remixes, house versions and amapiano.

“The Ghosts”, by Kolinga

Let’s be clear: the “ghosts” unveiled in mid-August by Kolinga are those whose melody haunts you long after the first listen. A heady leitmotif, repeated on voice, bass and keyboards, which develops masterfully thanks to the contribution of the six members of the French group. At the baton: Rébecca M’Boungou. Born in France, she discovered the country of her singer father, the Congo Brazzaville, at the age of 12, while her mother was the first white dancer to join the Congolese National Ballet. A heritage and a crossbreeding well present in the album legacy, scheduled for September 9, in which Congolese rumba rubs shoulders with jazz, soul or hip-hop.

“Hello”, by Montparnasse Music

We already told you about Montparnasse Music in 2021, when the first EP of this “electro-acoustic” duo made up of Franco-Algerian producer Nadjib Ben Bella and South African DJ Aero Manyelo was released. Here he comes back with the album Archaeology, to be released on October 7. Once again, the DRC is at the heart of the project, as evidenced by the title Hello, published mid-August with the participation of two members of the group Kasai Allstars, singer Muambuyi and guitarist Mopero Mupemba. A fusion between traditional Africa and urban Africa brought to life by the documentary filmmaker Renaud Barrettauthor of the film K-system (for “Kinshasa”).

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