The MDJS strengthens its support for National E-Sport and signs a partnership with the FRMJE

Number 1 partner of national E-Sport and talent incubator, the Moroccan Games and Sports has strengthened its support for national E-Sport by signing this Tuesday, August 30 several strategic partnerships, confirming its pioneering approach in the development of E-Sport .

Younes El Mechrafi, Managing Director of the MDJS, signed a partnership agreement with Mr. Hicham El Khlifi, President of the Royal Moroccan Federation of Electronic Games (FRMJE), in order to support the first women’s national team which will represent Morocco during of the Arab Nations Championship on the Valorant game which will be held from 1er to September 3, 2022.

On this occasion, Mr. El Khlifi declared: “I would like to thank the MDJS which, as usual, accompanies sport in Morocco and which has once again been visionary since it accompanies E-Sport, a sector which is destined to become a vector of development and fulfillment for our youth. I would like to thank the MDJS which not only accompanies us in the organization of our events but which is also the first to professionalize this sector by directly sponsoring players and supporting them. »

In addition, the MDJS has also expanded its E-Sport team since it now has 15 players: six players sponsored directly by the MDJS (four players on the FIFA game and two players from fighting games) and nine players from Team Fox Gaming, an independent Moroccan E-Sport team specializing in PC games.

The MDJS has fulfilled its mission of detecting and supporting young Moroccan talents, by creating its MDJS E-Sport team in 2019. These young talents are now performing at the international level, like Ilyass Mossaid, a young state engineer 22 years old who was the first player of the MDJS E-Sport team, discovered at the end of the first Fifa Tournament organized by the MDJS which he won. Ilyass Mossaid was also one of the 3 members of the national team for its historic first qualification, to participate in the “FIFA eNations Cup 2022” (World Cup of Nations of E-Sport Fifa) which was held in Copenhagen last July. These promising young talents were thus able to confront the best in the world.

Ilyas Mossaid said on this occasion: “Thanks to the MDJS E-Sport (…), I was able to win the FRMJE 2vs2 tournament and I became the first player of the FIFAe national team, a dream, a source of pride. »

Driss Malki, E-Sport Brand Manager of the MDJS, declared during the official signing of the partnerships with the members of the MDJS E-Sport team: “We are proud to have contributed to the emergence and professionalization of E -Moroccan Sport, with the unique model that we have put in place, namely support for the organization of E-Sport tournaments, but above all direct support for E-sportspeople, thus allowing them to access the biggest international championships . »

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The MDJS also launched the first program dedicated to E-Sport “3ich Lgame” broadcast on 2M.

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